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Stress and Anxiety Services

Adult Mutism

Selective mutism is a condition whereby a person finds themselves unable to speak and it can follow a period of anxiety or shock. The person with selective mutism does not refuse or choose not to speak: they are literally unable to. This may also be similar to the experience of stage fright or a freeze response with feelings of panic.

Whatever the cause, the result is the inability to speak and can devastate your life as well as being very worrying for those close to you. Hypnotherapy uses a technique known as stimulus fading alongside mental rehearsal and positive suggestions, which can help you to envision being able to communicate effectively again.

Anxiety Release

Living with anxiety can be like having a permanent fog around you. Whatever the issue is that you are anxious about, hypnotherapy can help you to see your way clearly through the fog and to begin enjoying your life as you should be able to.

Climate Change Anxiety

While it's really positive if you are concerned about the impact of climate change, burning fossil fuels, carbon energy and so on, it's not so good if you are unable to think or talk about anything else, and hypnotherapy can help if you are over-anxious and obsessed with the subject.
We can, and should, all do what we can to make the planet a safer place for our generation and subsequent inhabitants, and hypnotherapy does not detract from that. However, it does help if you can maintain a sense of balance in your mind to stop you from over-worrying about this subject, as a clearer mind can help you to be more productive in all areas of life.

Control of Gag Reflex/Easy Swallowing

A difficulty in swallowing should be investigated by a doctor, however if no cause has been found and the doctor has said that 'it's all in your mind' - then hypnotherapy could be the right approach for you. A difficulty in swallowing can cause extreme anxiety for those suffering from it and this is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to restore the control of gag reflex. Hypnosis can help you to lose your anxiety about swallowing and enjoy food and drink as you should.

Cruise Sickness

Does the thought of not venturing on an ocean cruise because of the fear of being sea sick prevent you from enjoying the holiday of a lifetime?
Sea-sickness on boat travel is probably the reason why you think you will have the same reaction on a cruise, however this is not necessarily so, and few people actually feel sick on a large cruise ship. Hypnotherapy will help to alleviate your fears so that you can at last book that holiday and enjoy every minute of it.


Sometimes known as Alice in Wonderland  Syndrome, depersonalization disorder is probably far more common than you might originally suppose and can leave those suffering from this issue feeling as though they must be going crazy when you feel that you are disconnected from yourself - as though living in a dreamlike experience?

Although symptoms can sometimes persist for many years, complete recovery is usually possible for most people. You can help accelerate your recovery through hypnosis.

Depression Relaxation

Hypnosis creates an opportunity to think about depression symptoms as maladaptive strategies for fulfilling some need or desire of the individual. Hypnotherapy for alleviating depression identifies the deeper need or desire that is not being addressed by current strategies. This simple observation can allow you to change the way misdirected resources are applied to create resolution.

Hypnotherapy is very appropriate for counteracting depression symptoms, strengthening the ego, and restructuring cognitive thought patterns. Hypnosis is an effective adjunct to any treatment programme for depression, enabling you to experience success quickly and without complication. 

Flashbacks Relaxation

Whilst it is not always possible (or even desirable) to remove the memory completely, hypnosis can help you to come to terms with the memory in your own unique way and to change the way that you feel about the event.


Perhaps you made a mistake years ago and are still beating yourself up over it, or maybe these are general feelings that you've done something wrong but are not sure what. Whatever the reason, you can overcome those feelings of guilt and get on with the business of enjoying life with hypnotherapy.

Heartbreak Relaxation

Overcoming heartbreak on one's own can be a long process, however with hypnotherapy you can accelerate the process, enabling you to feel free to move on with your life.

At this moment in time, another relationship may be the last thing you want, however as those emotions are put into perspective you can learn to accept that the relationship is over and get on with enjoying life once again.

Hyperventilation Relaxation

The traditional way for treating those suffering from hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) was to 're-breathe' (by breathing into a paper bag), however this has now shown to have side effects as blood chemistry can change during an attack and restricting the flow of oxygen inhaled can be detrimental to the patient. Hypnotherapy offers a natural approach that is safe and effective and can help you to control your rapid breathing and any associated anxieties.


Being vigilant and aware of our safety and security is something we should all consider nowadays in order to act responsibly; however, if you is being over-vigilant, with no obvious reason to be and to the extent to where it is taking over your life, it may be time to seek help.

Hypnotherapy helps by preparing the subconscious mind to accept that being on guard 24/7 can be stressful at the best of times. There may be occasions where you need to let your defences drop for a while, particularly with people you trust and know well or already feel confident around. Help yourself to remain vigilant but stop being hypervigilant with hypnosis.

Negative Memory Release

If you are unable to let go of bad memories from the past, you may suffer from stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and a host of other negative symptoms. Whilst it's important to retain any lessons that those memories may have to offer, it is unnecessary and undesirable to keep dwelling on them.

Hypnotherapy can help you to pack those unwanted memories away, so that you can disassociate from any unwanted emotions connected with whatever it was that happened to you.

Nightmares Relaxation

If you suffer from regular nightmares this could be because you are experiencing an internal conflict that you are unable to express during waking hours. Nightmares can be distressing because of the content, and they can also disturb your sleep. 
However, in order to get to the bottom of what is causing the nightmares it is necessary to explore the content. Hypnotherapy does this in a very gentle way that will not disturb you in the same way that an actual bad dream would. In hypnosis you can detach yourself from any negative feelings and overcome those nightmares once and for all.

Nursing Home Guilt

Making the decision to put a parent into residential care isn't easy for most people, especially when you are close to your parent and would like to be in a position to care for them in their own home. However, in certain cases it is necessary and best for all involved.

Hypnotherapy is not designed to make that decision for you, as this is something only you can do. However, you will need the tools hypnotherapy offers to help you to realize that there is no reason for you to suffer feelings of guilt or anxiety.

Panic Attacks Relaxation

You are probably already aware that panic attacks are a primitive response to the Fight or Flight instinct - however, dealing with impending attacks requires expertise and understanding of the issues causing them. Hypnosis can help you to overcome those panic attacks and feel more confident in your ability to be in situations where they may have previously occurred.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relaxation

Hypnotherapy has been successfully used with sufferers of PTSD. You will be helped to set aside any negative emotions associated with the event that caused your post-traumatic stress disorder and regain control over your life.

If you or someone you love is suffering from PTSD then hypnotherapy could help you to overcome those symptoms in the gentlest possible way.

Stress Free Teaching

Most teachers want to give their best, after all this is their chosen career path and they dedicate their lives to enriching the learning experience of their pupils, however when the stress builds up it can be very hard to let go and relax. Hypnotherapy addresses these concerns and will help you to manage your stress levels so that you can return refreshed to your profession.

Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder Relaxation

The side effects of long-term drug use are well-documented. Yet, it seems to be less known that you can also experience anxiety and other symptoms after even a single use of recreational drugs. Any physical symptoms should always be medically addressed prior to attempting to treat with hypnotherapy. However, the condition can sometimes continue long after you have ceased to use drugs and when no other cause has been identified.

If you have been assured that your anxiety is 'all in the mind', your anxiety could be due to feelings of guilt, or having let yourself down, or even a fear of having caused some long term damage to your internal organs. Hypnotherapy can help single or very short term users who have since quit drugs completely, and wish to alleviate any negative thoughts responsible for the anxiety.

White Coat Hypertension Relaxation

Even though you report no problem when visiting the surgery, this anxiety can be subconscious and is the same mechanism that is controlling the blood pressure, so it makes sense that helping you to relax during the procedure can also help to reduce the anxiety.
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