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Business Skills and Financial Services

Ask for a Pay Rise

For employees to feel valued by their company they need also to receive the recognition by having a decent wage to take home. However, many people feel too timid to approach their boss and ask for a pay rise.
Hypnosis can help you to feel more confident about bring up the subject of money with your boss and increase your chances of receiving the wage you feel you are due.

Business Meetings

Some business meetings are so boring that, unless you are passionate about your subjects, it can be difficult to remain alert. However, if you are worried that your colleagues may soon begin to notice your lack of interest then this could jeopardize your position in the company.
Hypnosis can help you to remain alert and interested throughout your business meetings, and ready to contribute your own thoughts and ideas.

Career Change Confidence

There is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss, working the hours you want, taking holidays at times to suit you and your family, making your dreams come true and not being answerable to other people (apart from your customers or clients who you will want to please).
So, if you need that bit of extra confidence to fulfil your dreams and aspirations then go for it and don't let anyone try to put you off. When you have faith in yourself other people also begin to believe in you and they will see that you have an idea worth pursuing.

Dealing with Employees

When you are in managerial positions you will need your employees to respect your authority while at the same time you may like to regard yourself as one of the team. Being an effective employer means accepting the responsibility that comes with such a position, being able to delegate the work-load efficiently and making some tough decisions.
You may perhaps be new to this position so you may need a boost to make the most of your new role. Hypnotherapy can help you to further improve your managerial skills.

Dealing with Redundancy

When it comes out the blue, redundancy can make people feel unwanted, undervalued and depressed and you might not know which way to turn for help. Without help, redundancy can lead to depression and a loss of direction in life, which is why you might need some help.

Hypnotherapy will give you something positive to focus on, which will help in your personal development - especially if this includes having to make a decision on what to do next.

Enjoy Your Job

If you are employed in a routine job, but have your heart set on either developing your own successful business or aspiring to climb the promotional ladder. Then you might find it difficult to concentrate on your work, hence may not give the tasks in hand the optimum effort.
The time may not be right for you to quit your present job. However, hypnotherapy can help you to focus more completely on the tasks at hand and find more enjoyment in what you are currently doing at work.

Executive Skills

The difference between a mediocre executive and an excellent one can determine the productivity and overall success of a company. You will need to be able to demonstrate a range of executive skills, including information gathering, listening, helping, negotiating, managing relationships at work as well as giving presentations in verbal and written forms.
Hypnosis will help you to improve your strategic thinking, increase your confidence and gain the necessary respect and loyalty of your team members that will motivate them to reach their targets.

Facing Bankruptcy

Hypnotherapy won't solve your financial problems overnight - however, what it can do is to help you to accept and cope with the situation and improve your frame of mind.
Hypnosis  can help you to recapture your spirit of positivity and accept that facing bankruptcy is not the end of the world.

Financial Worries

People often face financial difficulty through no fault of their own. They can be made redundant - fall sick and lose their job - suffer from financial misfortune as a result of divorce or for many other reasons.
Being in such a situation can be a major cause of worry and stress - and we all know that stress can be harmful to the immune system, so it's important to recognize and deal with the fundamental cause - money.
Whether you want to get out of this downward spiral or simply make more money - this hypnotherapy can help by promoting a positive attitude and allowing you to discover alternative courses of action that are suitable.

Natural Negotiation

Do you find it difficult to negotiate or make requests in a work situation? Perhaps you are hesitant about asking superiors for time off, or for a raise in salary or other 'favours'?
Hypnosis can give you the confidence, self-assurance and conviction that you need to persuade others to agree or negotiate with you. In turn this will give you a stronger sense of self-respect as well as respect from your boss and your colleagues.

Networking Confidence

Does the thought of entering a roomful of strangers and having to talk to each one of them fill you with dread? Not everyone has the confidence to shine in situations like this. However, networking is seen as an integral part of promoting your business and getting to know others who could prove useful contacts in the future.
Hypnosis can help to make the social networking event enjoyable and worthwhile, and you will even be looking forward to attending future engagements.


If your in the process of moving jobs, being promoted or simply wish to be taken more seriously by customers, clients or colleagues, then you may wish to improve your chance of success by appearing, acting and feeling more professional.
I'm sure we all know what it is like when we are paying and expecting to receive a consultation from a professional person, and then are disappointed by the quality of their service or because they don't project themselves in the way that we would naturally expect them to.
Hypnosis can help you to avoid that situation, and give you an advantage over the competition. Not only will you come across as being a more professional person, you are more likely to build up a reputation to be proud of.

Selling Skills with Hypnotic Techniques

Learn the secrets that all successful sales people use when selling to their prospective customers. The ability to sell is not just a skill, it also involves meeting customers' needs and convincing them that your product is more suitable for them (whilst at the same time letting them believe that it was they who made the choice).
This takes nerve, confidence and belief in the product that you are selling, and assurance of an ability to meet and deliver those expectations. Hypnotherapy will help to programme your mind for success. When your believe in yourself - other people find it easier to believe in you and you will have customers flocking to purchase your goods or services.

Successful Interviews

In today's competitive and economic climate it is even more important for you to impress prospective employers with your knowledge, confidence and conviction that you are the only person being interviewed who will be an asset to their company.
For some people, job interviews can be nerve-racking and although they have the qualities required of them, they fail to show up in their best light. Hypnosis will help you to project yourself in a calm and confident manner.

Successful Self-Employment

If you are fed up with working for others and feel motivated to become self-employed then you will need feasible ideas, determination and self-application. Building a successful business is not easy but the satisfaction to be gained far outweighs the time and effort necessary to launch your ideas.
Even without a definite idea, hypnosis can provide you with inspiration and the motivation to get up and do something you enjoy doing - but for profit.

Time Management

Do you find yourself putting off certain tasks? Or do you believe there are never enough hours in the day? Perhaps you feel disorganized and stressed because you have so much to do and not have enough time to complete the projects you have set for yourself?
If you would like to enjoy every aspect of your life, then organizing your time will enable you to do this. There is a time for work and a time for play and hypnosis can help to put life into order and create a balance that you probably never believed possible before.
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