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Exams Services

Driving Exam

While examiners usually recognize that some learner drivers are going to be nervous, they are evaluating the learner's skills on the day of the actual test which means that performance and control of the vehicle needs to be at its best.

Hypnotherapy can help by taking you through the situation in your subconscious mind, thereby 'rehearsing success'. A similar method is used by champion sport performers, generally referred to as sport psychology and helps the brain to familiarise itself with successful endeavors. Of course, once you've completed an activity successfully a few times it then becomes much easier to succeed in the future.

Exam Study Motivation

All students realize that they need to study in order to successfully complete their exams, however finding the motivation to study can be a different matter. Students can be distracted by relationships, appearance, leisure, family activities and so much more so will need to organize their time in order to fit in essential study hours.

These distractions can often seem more pleasurable than the prospect of studying, however hypnosis can help to switch this value so that your your studies are your primary concern and other activities take a secondary place.

Examination Nerves

There's nothing worse than entering an examination room and panicking because everything you've studied has gone out of your head.  In the relaxed state of hypnosis this just does not happen - everything you've ever seen, heard or done, is there in your wonderful subconscious mind.

Lab Research Confidence

If you are working or studying within laboratory research and not getting the results you are looking for then, this can affect your confidence in what you do. Lab research is a specialized but essential area in the scientific field, and requires confidence in one's abilities, dedication and concentration.

Hypnotherapy for lab skills confidence uses mental rehearsal in order to create neural pathways that can help you to perform better in the laboratory and so achieve the results you are looking for.

Practical Exams

Hypnotherapy can help those who are preparing for exams where they need to give a practical demonstration in front of one, or a group of people. You probably already know the theory and feel comfortable with that side of the examination, however, if you believe that you will go to pieces on the day then hypnosis can help to gain the confidence that you need to get up there and show them how good they really are.


For some people, taking an exam is not an issue, however, for others - actually having to give a presentation and respond accurately to questions that are asked of them can be nerve-racking. The secret of successful presentations and exams are easy to learn but having the confidence to go through with this can take a little more effort.

Make your next presentation exam go smoothly (no nerves, no hesitation and no questions about your ability) with hypnosis.

Stress-Free Studying

Studying for exams often requires intense concentration and is a stressful time for most people. People react to stress in different ways; some become short tempered and irritable, some seem to strive on it while others turn to food to help them feel calmer.

Hypnotherapy can help you to curb any tendencies to snack while studying and at the same time retain the concentration necessary in order to retain the information you are studying or revising.

Thesis Writing Confidence

Writing an informative and interesting thesis can be challenging for most undergraduates, however, it is a task that needs to be done if you are to graduate in their chosen field. If you who have reached this stage of education, you can now feel more confident about approaching thesis writing with the help of hypnosis.

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