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Personal Development Services

Accepting Change

If you have undergone a major change in your life and is finding it difficult to adjust and accept that your life now takes on different routines, then you could be experiencing internal anxieties and other symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help to re-frame your thought patterns to help you to welcome and even enjoy the new experiences that will be coming your way.


If come across as being too passive and compliant, others may be more likely to try to take advantage of your good nature - and the more you try to please others the more resentful you are likely to feel. This resentment can build up inside, eventually causing stress and anxiety.

You have a right to your opinions and beliefs, just as others have a right to theirs. As you begin to express yourself more confidently, your self-esteem and respect will increase. Hypnotherapy can help you to become more assertive and gain the respect you deserve from others.

Be More Persuasive

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to get other people to do what they ask without any resistance and others have to go to great lengths to get things done? Mostly this is down to self-confidence. When you believe in yourself and your ability, it helps to convince others.

If you have experienced a lot of rejection in the past it is possible your confidence will be diminished and you believe you are not good enough. Hypnotherapy can help by giving you a new belief system. The subconscious mind can eliminate past, negative self-talk and replace those thoughts with healthier, more positive ones.

Become Tidy and Organized

If you are experiencing anxiety because of your disorganization skills then learning to become tidy and organized can help. This is not something that comes naturally to everybody. If someone has been brought up in an environment where being tidy and organized is expected of them then it is something that they take for granted.

However, we all have different background experiences which is why  hypnotherapy can help you to understand and adapt to becoming tidy and organized

Better Conversationalist

Do you find it difficult to communicate with others?  To some people, small talk comes easily, however others can find it extremely difficult to start a conversation and subsequently have less friends, acquaintances and a less active social life. Many people find small talk meaningless - and while it can be, in a way - it does open the door to getting to know others. Hypnotherapy can help you to approach people you don't know - or want to know better, and is especially useful for shy or timid people.


Are you experiencing a creative block and finding that you need more ideas regarding your artistic pursuits?  Creativity comes from within - we all have the potential. However, some people don't have the confidence in their own ability to allow their creativity to express itself and keep searching for new sources of inspiration.

Curbing Control Tendencies

People who strive to control everyone and everything around them are seldom happy, which is why they may seek help to overcome their controlling tendencies. Hypnotherapy can help you to take a back seat to allow others to get on with their life, even when it means them making mistakes.

Embarrassment-Proof Yourself

Frequent put-downs can create anxiety, social awkwardness, lack of confidence and physical symptoms such as blushing and stammering. Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with any social awkwardness and embrace new ways of thinking as you release yourself from others’ viewpoints.

Happy Being Single

The idea of splitting up can be much worse than the actual event, but being newly single can offer you an opportunity to rediscover yourself and start a new life which focuses o your own needs and desires.  This means you do not need to worry about pleasing or offending your partner, and you can learn and grow and enjoy a new independent lifestyle.

Improved Co-ordination

When you feel inordinately clumsy, this can be due to poor co-ordination, and each unfortunate repetition of such action can reinforce your perceived sense of clumsiness in your mind. This can lead to low self-confidence due to feeling conscious of your every action. Hypnotherapy can help to increase your  confidence in this area as your movements become more natural.


Hypnotherapy can help you to get back in touch with your inner self. As we progress through life a lot of people are so busy with their outer world that they forget the dreams and aspirations that they had when younger. Individualism can help you to be true to yourself - to follow your own wishes and desires instead of constantly striving to please others.

Living With Adult Autism - Express Yourself

Autistic people can find certain aspects of communication and social interaction quite challenging. They often have difficulty relating to other people and understanding their emotions.

Autistic adults may also have inflexible thought patterns and feel themselves to be misunderstood by those who don't understand the condition.

The session is helpful for any individual who has difficulty in expressing their thoughts and intentions.  Living confidently with autism can help you when expressing your thoughts and feelings to non-autistic individuals.


Hypnosis for people who have difficulty in getting up in the mornings and when they eventually do, don't feel like doing anything.

If you feel that you just can't be bothered, then hypnotherapy can give you the motivation that you need.

Overcome Laziness

Has laziness become a part of your life? If you constantly 'can't be bothered' to carry out tasks or avoid participating in activities, there could be an underlying reason for this, such as depression. However, most people who suffer from laziness recognize the trait in themselves and will readily admit to their feelings of inertia.

It can be hard to change the habit of a lifetime and you may need help and expertise in making the required changes, which is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Overcome Shame

Do you feel ashamed of yourself for something you may or may not have done, said or thought in the past, or even for no reason that springs immediately to mind? Maybe you feel embarrassed when meeting others because you just don't feel good about who you are.


Feelings of shame are often signs of low self-esteem or self-worth and if not addressed, can lead to a downward spiral of depression. The truth is, we all make mistakes and sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly. Hypnosis can help you to picture and become a happier, more confident human being.

Overcome Vanity

Vanity can be an unattractive trait to friends, family and colleagues. Hypnosis will help you feel at ease with your personal appearance, and to spend less time preoccupied with excessive vanity.

Patience and Perserverance

Most of us would agree that patience and perseverance can assist in meeting goals, and indeed impatience is probably the major stumbling block responsible for many failures, so developing patience and perseverance can benefit us all. By drawing on your steadfastness, you have a far higher chance of succeeding and achieving your goals, and hypnotherapy can help you to develop the mindset needed to tap into those inner resources.

Positive Thinking

People who worry too much are often prime candidates for depression, stress, heart-attacks and other health related issues. However, telling someone to think positive rarely works as negative thinking has probably become an established state of mind over the years.

Hypnotherapy can help you to change this pattern. Hypnosis targets the subconscious mind which is the part that controls those automated thoughts and reactions.


If you are renowned for always being late then you may be jeopardizing your job, relationships and future prospects. Nobody likes to be kept waiting unnecessarily and those on the receiving end may end up feeling resentful and let down.

If you have difficulty being punctual then you probably feel unable to do anything about it, however the fact is that unless outside factors are responsible, you are simply disorganized with their time.  This hypnotherapy session can help you to improve your time keeping and your reputation for being reliable.

Reject Racism

News reports of migration, terrorism and unrest have played a large part in implanting fear into the minds of impressionable people who were otherwise tolerant of the rich and varied cultures on our planet.

Hypnosis can help those who find racist thoughts entering their minds.


Many recognize that those thoughts are unnatural for them. By nature, they are usually accepting of cultural and racial differences but may have been influenced by the media, peers or others around them that they admire. Recognizing the danger of such thinking, hypnotherapy is an ideal approach to help overcome those unwanted, negative thoughts.

Settling in a New Country

If you are an immigrant who is experiencing difficulties integrating into a new society then hypnosis can help you to feel motivated to do whatever necessary in order to be accepted. Hypnotherapy also covers home-sickness which you will naturally feel after being uprooted from your country of origin, and there is a technique to help you to overcome this whenever necessary.

Speaking Slower

If you have friends you've known for a while then it's usually easy to adjust to your speaking pattern. However, if your in the communication business then it won't help with your customer liaisons. There can be many other reasons for wanting to speak more slowly and hypnotherapy can help you to slow down your speech.

Stop Being Superstitious 

Are you afraid of Friday the 13th - or walking under ladders - or looking at a full moon behind glass? Perhaps you have other superstitious beliefs that cause anxiety in your everyday life. Superstitions are so ingrained in us that they can be difficult to discard. Hypnotherapy can help you by presenting rational thoughts which you will integrate into your own belief system and empower you to live a superstition free life.

Stop Catastrophizing 

If you are someone who catastrophizes, you may spend a great deal of time imagining the worst possible outcome. When your mind is always busy imagining the worst possible scenario that might happen, you will be hard pressed to find that sense of peace within. If your instinctive response to any event or plan is to focus on negatives and  what might go wrong, you will be helped by hypnotherapy to stop catastrophizing.

Stop Habitual Swearing

Swearing can be habitual after a while and as with any other habit often takes immense effort to overcome. Hypnosis can help by communicating with the subconscious mind at a level below conscious awareness where everything we have ever learnt resides. You won't need to completely stop swearing (unless you want to) with this hypnotherapy, but it will help by giving you a choice of words to use in those certain situation.

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