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Memory and Learning Services

Accelerated Studying

Subconscious knowledge is the most reliable knowledge of all - and your subconscious mind is open and receptive to the impressions it receives. It remembers all that it hears and all that it sees - it remembers all that it feels and senses - it remembers all that it touches and tastes - and even when you thought you forgot something it was still there - deep in your subconscious mind. You can accelerate your studying through hypnosis unlocking the power of your subconscious.

Automatic Typing

Typing speed is usually built up with repetition, however for some this may seem an impossible task. As with riding a bike, driving a car, playing the piano and many other tasks it is the practicing that makes the skill automatic and once this has happened the unconscious mind usually takes over to enable us to perform effectively without even thinking about what we are doing.
However, many people seem to have mental blocks which prevent this from happening. Usually this is the 'conscious' thought interrupting the process, which is why you will need to use hypnosis which bypasses the conscious mind in order to make appropriate changes.

Concentration Improvement

Hypnosis will enhance learning, memory, and focus. The first step in strengthening your concentration is exercising the muscles of your mind just as you would the rest of your body.
Hypnotherapy will give you a variety of suggestions to run your life at optimum ability. These simple steps will improve your concentration and reduce the frustration you feel when things are not running smoothly. 

Dyscalculia Relaxation

The technical explanation of dyscalculia is that it is a collection of symptoms of learning disability involving the most basic aspect of arithmetical skills. If you have a problem with understanding basic arithmetic then you are not alone as this is a very common problem.
Hypnotherapy can help you if you are suffering from dyscalculia to relax.

Dyslexia Relaxation

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help people that suffer from dyslexia with their ability to learn. Hypnosis will help you relax, and focus on learning, instead of focusing on the difficulties you have while learning.

Foreign Language Study

If you are struggling to learn a new language, hypnotherapy can help you to approach your language learning from an entirely different angle.

Listening Skills

Good listening skills are an essential requirement in certain jobs and in relationships in general. If you find yourself interrupting conversations to get your own point over or if people tend to look away or appear bored with their chatter, then hypnotherapy can help you to develop natural listening skills, that will not only endear others to you, but help you to learn more about the people you are communicating with.

Memory Improvement

Many accelerated learning programs, such as speed reading to develop a photographic memory, actually use a state of heightened consciousness similar to hypnosis (although they don't usually tell you so). Instead, they may talk about Alpha and Theta states.
Hypnotherapy can help you to improve memory recall in a natural and effective way by using your own wonderful creative, subconscious mind.

Mental Blocks

The conscious mind creates numerous blocks to clear thinking. Things such as our desire to follow the rules or find the "right" answer can complicate productive, creative thinking. Mental blocks are created when people try to control the direction of their thinking instead of opening their mind and trusting the power of the brain.
When one stops to consider the power of the mind and what it is capable of doing, it can be extraordinarily overwhelming. Everything you have ever seen, heard, or done is stored somewhere in your brain. The problem is, sometimes everything gets tangled and you face a block that you can't seem to get past. You loosen those mental blocks with hypnosis.

Speed Reading

Imagine all of the things you could accomplish if you had the gift of speed reading. You would suddenly have time to get through that stack of novels you have been meaning to read. You could learn new skills through reading, and become an expert on just about any topic you can think of. By learning to speed read, you can become the person you have always wanted to be. Hypnotherapy can help you learn the skill of speed reading.

Writing Skills

Many artists, authors, musicians and other people with artistic inclinations have successfully turned to hypnosis to help them to gain inspiration and creativity. Your subconscious mind is a powerhouse store containing all the knowledge that you have acquired during life; tapping into the unconscious resources can help you to start writing - the ideas will flow forth from using hypnosis.
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