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Coping with Grief


Do you dread a certain month in the year because you just know that you're going to be feeling really bad - yet you don't know why? Or, perhaps you do know - maybe it's a date when you lost someone precious or when something happened to shatter your sense of security?

Whether or not you are consciously aware of the cause, the subconscious mind knows everything which is why it has been triggering those feelings whenever this time of the year comes around.
As your subconscious mind has the ability to trigger those feelings - it also has the power to help you to feel differently so that you can look forward with happy anticipation rather than dread.

Hypnotherapy can make 'anniversary syndrome' a symptom that truly remains where it belongs - in the past.

Bereavement / Impending Bereavement

Bereavement, or the loss of a loved one, can be the most devastating experience one has to cope with. Bereavement, whether of a parent, spouse, child or friend, can severely shake our sense of security.
Bereavement can cause severe feelings of depression and anxiety, and once someone is overwhelmed by those feelings, it can seem impossible at the time to surface and begin living their own life.
As the saying goes, "Life goes on" - but does it? Some people can become so severely shaken by the loss of their loved one that they may consider ending their own life - others just give up. This is not an easy subject to deal with; there are several stages of grieving that need to be lived through in order to achieve the ultimate one, which is acceptance.
If you want come to terms with bereavement, hypnotherapy can help you.

Death of a Parent

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things many of us face at some stage of our lives. It is hard to imagine what our lives will be like once they're gone and the grief can seem insurmountable. As with any bereavement there are stages of grief that we go through and given time, our loss does become easier to live with and indeed, our lives must go on, just as our parents would want.
Somehow it seems easier to accept when we anticipate the end is near, as with old age and infirmity, but grief still hits home hard and sometimes you need an outsider to help come to terms with the loss.


It is important to remember the possible consequences that feelings of loneliness can result in - i.e. depression, self-abuse, withdrawal - even suicide - which is why it is essential that we do our very best to help those who are experiencing loneliness.
Hypnotherapy can help you - in a therapeutic setting - to overcome your feelings of loneliness and turn your life into one of joy and sharing.

Loss of a Child

The thought of losing one's child is every parent's nightmare and the grief they are experiencing can only be imagined by most of us who haven't had the experience to lose a child of our own. However if you are suffering from the accompanied emotions and grief you will need a strategy to help.
Whilst it's unlikely that a parent could ever get over such a loss, in time we can come to accept it. In the early days the pain is still raw. However, hypnotherapy can offer a stepping stone to acceptance and eventual recovery.

Overcome Homesickness

If you have moved away from home, and in particular, if you have left loved ones behind, then you will no doubt miss your old home, family and familiar surroundings.
Many children feel homesick when they first go on holiday without their parents. However, adults who feel the same way can find it difficult to integrate as well as they could, and this can spoil the enjoyment of what could be a wonderful new opportunity for them.
Instead of dwelling on your old way of life, you can begin to feel more optimistic about your new home, which will help you in those early settling in days.

Saying Goodbye

Quite often you may experience feelings of guilt associated with 'not being there' at the time. This can lead to feelings of depression, excessive crying and an inability to come to terms with the loss of the loved one.
Hypnotherapy can help you to move on from your loss while at the same time, gain comfort from your loved one's spiritual presence.

Survivor's Guilt

When someone we love dies, grief can take on many forms. Many will ask why it happened and wonder if they could have done anything to prevent it. They will perhaps even blame themselves as they go through the different stages of grief.
When we blame ourselves to the extent that it interferes with normal life, it is known as 'Survivor's Guilt'. It doesn't matter how many times a person is told that it wasn't their fault, because the belief is deeply rooted on a subconscious level.
Hypnotherapy can help to correct those mistaken beliefs so that you can heal from your loss and overcome the grief you are experiencing.

Coping with Loss

Abandoned Baby

If you were abandoned as a baby by your natural mother or adopted then it is natural that you might wonder why, feel resentful, hurt, unloved or experience a range of other negative emotions.
Abandoned babies can grow up with a fear of rejection or, at the other extreme they can develop tough exteriors, refusing to allow their true emotions to surface in case they are let down again.
Your mother surely had her reasons and hypnosis will help you to understand and accept those reasons - and get on with the business of enjoying the present and an exciting future instead of dwelling on the past.

Finding Lost Objects

Memories can be experienced by one or more of the senses, and hypnosis can enable you to access the appropriate representational system to prompt remembrance of where you were when the object was misplaced.
After emerging from hypnosis, you can relax and let your subconscious mind lead you to where it believes the item is located, feeling confident that the object can be found if you follow your senses and the hidden knowledge of the subconscious mind.

Losing a Pet

In order to cope with this troubling time, one may need a variety of coping skills. Hypnosis is a natural method for numbing physical pain. The same is true for emotional pain. After losing a pet, it may seem like the pain is too much to bear. But through hypnosis, you will take control of the pain, and make it bearable.
Hypnotherapy enables you to deal with the emotions that will arise when dealing with the loss of your pet. It helps with the grieving process, which is natural and healthy. By appealing to the rational side of the subconscious and explaining things that you may not have thought about during this difficult time, you can learn to cope with the loss of your beloved companion.

Loss of Custody

Losing custody of your child can be emotionally draining. It can even cause you to enter into a tailspin of grief. It can also make you feel angry and irritated and, as I’m sure you’re aware, legal decisions can sometimes tear families apart. All of this creates emotional havoc and devastation as there are so many painful issues involved and it can be difficult to even wrap your mind around them.
Hypnotherapy can help you understand that these feelings are normal and natural. It will help you to cope better and learn to love life once again and move forward no matter what the outcome.

Separation Anxiety

One of the most difficult and complicated emotions one can deal with is the anxiety that is felt when separated from loved ones. The feelings of separation go back as far as birth. In order to heal these intense and often misunderstood feelings, you will return to that earlier time, and begin to heal the feelings from long ago.

With hypnotherapy, you will begin to develop a healthy feeling about separation and understand your individuality and separation in a more positive manner. You will see the benefit of being a strong individual and receive all of the tools you will ever need. You will be able to face challenges and goals with a strong, positive outlook. You will be open to healthy relationships, and will not live in fear of being abandoned. The scars of your original separation will no longer interfere with your personal relationships.

With hypnotherapy you will heal wounds that developed years ago, and move forward into a healthier, more independent life.
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