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Performance Services

Alleviate Childcare Monotony

Have you given up your employment to devote yourself to full-time parenthood? Childcare is acknowledged to be challenging, demanding and far more taxing than working for any company - and the emotional rewards are proportionally much higher. 
It could be that being a new, full-time parent, you experiencing a loss of identity - in which case you will need to rediscover yourself; there is also the possibility of a new mum suffering from post-natal-depression - both situations will need to be taken into account. However if you are reassured that nothing is medically wrong then then hypnotherapy can  help you develop a new viewpoint and stop hankering over your old lifestyle.

Better Handwriting

Even though most people have developed the handwriting they will have for the rest of their lives by the time they are adults, many people wish they could improve their writing. Maybe it is not very legible, or perhaps you are teaching their children to write and want to be a good handwriting role model. Regardless of the reason, there is a hypnosis technique that can be used to improve handwriting with ease and fun.
Hypnosis designed for you to practice each day and you can do this in your own time. Time distortion allows you to take a short period of time and lengthen into what will feel like hours of practice. You will be amazed at the results because  you will have barely practiced at all. Although since the subconscious believes it has been working diligently, in just a short time you can have the perfect penmanship you desire.

Camera Shy

Part of the problem with being camera shy is that you may not feel confident with your looks. Hypnotherapy addresses that insecurity and guides you towards a stronger sense of self-esteem. 

Hypnosis enables you to build triggers that will signal to your body and mind to relax in situations where the adrenaline and fear are kicking in. By utilizing these programmed triggers, you will be able to release the fear and relax, which will translate to comfortable, confident interviews, and attractive, appealing photos.

Coping With Jet Lag

If you are traveling on long distance flights and are prone to jet lag, you may find that the first few days after your arrival are spoiled by tiredness and irritability. Many people find that all they want to do after a trans-Atlantic flight is to sleep as their body tries to adjust to the new time zone. 

Of course this can be disastrous if you have an important business meeting to attend or it can seem like a waste of the first few days if on holiday. Hypnotherapy uses time distortion to help you to make the most of your trips abroad.

Coping With Burnout

If you are suffering from burnout, you may be more tired than usual and feel as though you have used up all their energy.  You may suffer from depression and inertia, become prone to negative thinking, and have difficulty mentally meeting the demands of work and personal commitments, and much more. Burnout will, of course, affect different people in different ways. A holiday to unwind can often help in the short term, but holidays can't be taken every week. Also when you returns, feelings of burnout can often creep back into your life.

Hypnosis can offer you a mini-holiday that you can enjoy whenever you wish, and perhaps more importantly hypnotherapy includes some valuable practical steps to help you to deal with the cause of your burnout and an abundance of positive suggestions to help re-motivate you.

Great Guitar Playing

Great guitar playing is not something that comes easily to everyone. If you have ever admired the guitarist from your favourite band and wish you had the skill, talent and ability, then hypnosis can help. Guitar playing is something that just about anyone can learn. It takes dedication and desire, and most importantly practice. There is no magic solution to learning to play an instrument but finding within yourself the motivation and intense passion for studying the instrument will at times feel magical.

Hypnotherapy will help you relax, believe in yourself, and remove any fear that may be buried in your subconscious that you are unable to learn to play the guitar with skill. By utilizing hypnosis, you will approach your lessons with greater confidence.

Inappropriate Laughter

If you have ever found yourself in a position where laughter was an inappropriate response, and then you understand how embarrassing it can be. Hypnosis can help if you find yourself in this situation. From hypnotherapy, you can grow aware of your ability to control your emotions and your reaction to external stimuli.

Interrupted Sleep Relaxation

If you find yourself in a position where it is tough to get a full night's rest, or if you are working shift work and you need to squeeze sleep in in short bursts, hypnosis will help you adapt to your schedule. The body craves sleep, and needs it to perform at its maximum capacity. In order to ensure that you perform up to standards, especially in emergency situations, hypnotherapy will give you the tools needed to restore yourself even if sleep that is interrupted.

Peak Performance

If you are in the business of performing, giving your best will be necessary in order to keep your career flourishing. There are probably times that they do not feel up to giving a top of the line performance but it is imperative that every public performance is outstanding. Hypnotherapy can help you to focus and excel at what you do.
It will help you with the motivation needed to practice confidently, in a manner that fosters trust an admiration for your particular art. The best performers are confident in their role. Their voices, movements or musical ability convey familiarity and confidence, and this puts them a step ahead of everyone else in competitive situations.

Perfect Pianist

Learning to be a perfect pianist takes practice and motivation. By putting to use hypnosis you will motivate yourself to practice, instill the confidence needed to believe in your ability to play, and grow a feeling of love and reverence for the instrument and the music.

Powerful Public Speaking

Do you feel nervous and self-conscious when you have to stand up and speak in front of a group of people?

This can now be a thing of the past with hypnotherapy. You will be able to stand up there and captivate your audience with your knowledge, confidence, ease of speech and approachable manner. With the help of this hypnosis you can learn how to overcome that old fear of public speaking and project yourself in a positive, confident manner - impressing colleagues and all those attending your presentation.


Hypnosis is ideal for motivation and encouragement. Once you are relaxed and open to suggestion, hypnotherapy will help you to focus on the frustration that procrastination has caused you. Overcoming your procrastination in completing the tasks you have started (or intend to start) will give you a feeling of appreciation, satisfaction and pride in your ability to deliver.

Song Writing Skills

Improving your song writing skills through hypnosis can be surprisingly simple. If you are already musically-inclined but in a situation where the words and music just won't come, all that is left to do is relax and bring out the brilliant writing ability that is buried deep within. In order to write songs with ease, in a manner that is appealing and engaging to many, one must learn the skill and hone the art.

If you consider yourself a song writer and you need a push now and again, or if you are new to the music world and you need to build confidence in your new skill, hypnotherapy will help you. Hypnosis can help you to feel confident and assured in your song writing, and free the constraints that leave you feeling empty of words. 

Stage Fright Auditions

 Stage fright isn't a reflection of ability, it happens when the sympathetic nervous system is activated and during this reaction. The body releases adrenaline into the bloodstream causing a chain of symptoms to occur and this is commonly known as the fight or flight response.

Hypnotherapy can help to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety by teaching you relaxation and visualisation methods that counteract the fight or flight trigger. 

Stop Overthinking

When you complain of over-thinking you are usually preoccupied by your constant stream of inner chatter, and this can adversely affect your ability to give your full attention to whatever is going on around you.

Hypnotherapy uses a metaphoric journey to guide the subconscious mind into a new pattern of thinking. Hypnosis will still allow you to thoroughly analyze a situations that require this. However, most of the time over-thinking can just get in the way and stop you from fulfilling your potential.

Tone Deafness

It may be difficult to believe, but the ability to hear music correctly is within all of us. Despite an inability to sing, or to detect varying tones, deep inside of you is the capacity to hear tones and music. For one reason or another, there are some of us that do not hear music the way it was intended to be heard.

Hypnosis will reach the level of your subconscious mind where you have the ability to improve your hearing skills. There are two types of tone deafness. One just takes some training to cure and the other is biological. Hypnotherapy will enable you to determine which type of tone deafness you suffer from, and the best way to approach fixing the problem.

Wedding Day Nerves

Hypnosis will to help reduce nerves and increase confidence on your wedding day, showing you how to make your most special day a real success. In hypnotherapy, you will visualize yourself through every aspect of your wedding day in a deeply relaxed and calm state. You will be enjoying this day, not worrying about looking silly in front of guests, or being unable to say your vows or stand up and give a speech.
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