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Relationships Services

Accepting Alcoholism

An alcoholic will only change when they want to and trying to help can often create a wedge between you both. This is not to say that you shouldn't encourage them to give up the booze, but if it is stressing you out then perhaps it is time to accept their addiction as something that only they are going to change.

Co-dependency to Independence

Perhaps you are suffering from neediness - seeking your partner's approval instead of listening to your own wishes. People who are too needy are often insecure and may need help with improving their self-esteem. Creating space in a relationship is essential for growth. Once co-dependency has been resolved you can feel free to pursue your own dreams, and this will add a new dimension to your relationship.

Coping with Noisy Neighbours

Are you disturbed by noisy neighbours? The first step is obviously talking reasonably to neighbours as they may not be aware of the noise they are creating. However by the time your requesting help with this problem, you will most likely have explored all possible options and see hypnosis as your last hope. Hypnosis won't make your neighbours suddenly stop the noise. However, hypnosis will help you to tune out so that the noise is barely perceptible.

Cyber Cheat

Have you been let down by a cyber cheat partner? If your partner has been secretive over their internet activity and has been found to be visiting online dating sites, or even sending romantic messages to others, it can be emotionally devastating. Relationship break-ups can be devastating to deal with, especially when you still have feelings for your ex-partner. Hypnotherapy can specifically help deal with cyber-cheats.

Dealing with Divorce

If you are currently going through the process of a divorce then you will no doubt be experiencing a range of emotions. Breaking up with someone you once loved (or still do) is often painful and you will need lots of support during this time.

Hypnotherapy can help those who find it difficult to control their emotions when they see their ex-partner. If you have been badly hurt then it's not easy to present a calm front when meeting your ex. However, especially when children are involved, it is important to remain detached and dignified.

Deal calmly with divorce using hypnosis  and before long you will be looking forward to enjoying a future without your ex.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Many parents dread the thought of their child or children leaving home and the effects that the gap will leave in their life. For so many years life has revolved around your offspring and quite suddenly you may feel surplus to requirements.

If you are suffering from empty nest syndrome then hypnotherapy can help you to actually look forward to the new experiences that life has to offer whilst still maintaining an important relationship with your child or children.

Forgive Infidelity

At the moment, you may feel as feel as though you will never trust again, however, countless men and women have forgiven their partner. 

These people can go on to have a very happy and successful partnership with the same person who let them down, but of course it won't always be easy.


You need to learn to forgive and to trust your loved one again. This can lead couples to re-evaluate what is important to them - and if your relationship is worth saving, hypnotherapy can help you along the way.

Illicit Love

Those who are engaged in an affair with someone who is married or already in a long term relationship may find all sorts of excuses not to end their illicit love affair when deep down their conscience tells them it is wrong.

If you are experiencing doubts over your relationship and seeking reinforcement to end the affair then hypnotherapy can help you to do so without any residual feelings of guilt.


When you face uncertainty in a relationship, unsure of how your partner really feels about you, checking their whereabouts while they're away or seeking constant reassurance, you could be suffering from feelings of insecurity.


Insecurity and jealousy can easily destroy any relationship and you will want to overcome those negative feelings, especially if you can recognise a pattern of responding in a similar way within previous relationships. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome insecurity and can help you to identify early occurrences to see how your insecurity has developed. 

Moving On After A Relationship / Forgetting an Ex-Lover

Accepting the end of a relationship is part of the healing process and once you are ready to take a leap into the unknown and meet new people or form new friendships, you may need help opening your mind to the myriad of wonderful opportunities available. Hypnotherapy can help you to put your ex-relationship firmly in the past so that you can live and love again.

Rebuilding Trust

Do you have difficulty in trusting people? Perhaps you've been hurt or let down too many times and are defensive when it comes to allowing yourself to trust again. Hypnotherapy can help you to trust again, whilst at the same time you can be discriminate in your choice of relationships and whom you allow yourself to trust.

Relationship Addiction

Do you feel incomplete unless in a relationship? Some people feel as though they cannot function properly unless they are in a relationship with someone else. If you seem to flit from one relationship to another then this could be a symptom of insecurity. Hypnotherapy can help you to enjoy taking a break from being in a relationship in order to discover, learn to love and accept yourself.

Retroactive Jealousy

Are you obsessed with your partner's past love relationships?

Hypnotherapy for retroactive jealousy can help you to realize, on a subconscious level, that there is no point in focusing on the past - and accept your partner's past as old history.

Roving Eye Syndrome

If you have a tendency to 'ogle' attractive members of the opposite sex, this could create jealousy and tension in your existing relationship. For many people, the 'you can look but not touch' rule applies.  However, this doesn't work for every relationship and can often destroy otherwise happy couples - especially when the partner lacks confidence anyway. Hypnotherapy for roving eye syndrome is suitable for either gender and whether or not you are in a settled relationship.

Stop Cheating

If you have a problem staying faithful to your partner then you risk ruining your chances of developing a full and meaningful relationship. 

Some people can't seem to help themselves from cheating in a relationship and there can be many reasons for this. For example it could be a result of low self-esteem that you are suppressing, or a feeling of insecurity, or it could be a dependence on the so called buzz that you get from living life in the fast lane, or simply a habit.

Whatever the reason, if you have decided to break this habit, then hypnotherapy can help you to remain faithful to one partner.

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