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According to research, as many as one-fifth of the population has issues with controlling their anger. Anger is a natural emotion which we use to be alerted to potential problems. Yet, anger is not the problem per say. The problem is in failing to manage anger effectively. Mismanaged negative emotions are a major source of conflict across all aspects of life - try keeping track of how many times you get angry for the rest of the day?

Anger Management Tool

You will need a variety of 'tools' to help you to deal your underlying emotions, creating 'anger-tools' can help you to identify each one and develop new ways of managing the associated emotions and subsequent response. 
Hypnotherapy to create anger-tools is effective in helping to release and deal effectively with any feelings, experiences or events that trigger anger in a safe, relaxing environment.


If you are harboring negative thoughts about someone who has hurt or offended you then you are actually doing yourself more harm then the offender. Chances are you are the type of person who bottles things up, you are also likely to be very sensitive and easily hurt.
By forgiving we can let go of unwanted feelings and become calmer and more confident people. Live blame-free and with less negativity from hypnotherapy.

Stop Blaming Others

Do you refuse to accept any responsibility when things go wrong? Often you conclude that 'it is always somebody else's fault' without properly assessing a situation.
Hypnotherapy can help you to identify the root cause of this instant reaction. Once this has been identified, it will become easier for you to understand the pattern that you have created for yourself and to take positive action in addressing it.

Stop Road Rage

Do you get easily irritated when you see the other drivers on the road cutting in front of you?
Hypnotherapy can help to put feelings into perspective and overcome habits of road rage.

Stop Self Harming

When you self-harm this is often a sign that you are unhappy with your life - sometimes you feel that you deserve the punishment that you are inflicting upon yourself but are unable to stop the self-destructive behaviour.
Once the psycho-dynamics of your issues have been addressed, hypnotherapy will be useful to help you to understand how distressing your disorder is - from a different perspective.
Hypnotherapy can help you to become more objective and provide you with the incentive and motivation to stop inflicting punishment on yourself.

Stopping Swearing

If you habitually swear, use bad language and foul terms, you are probably considering how that comes across to other people.
There are far more effective ways of communicating with others and these will help you to achieve your goal far more readily than by using swear words.
Language is an enormously influential tool and when used correctly, you will be taken far more seriously and gain the respect of your peers.
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