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Sexual Issues Services

Boost Your Masculinity 

If you wish to boost your masculinity then you need to first of all understand exactly what masculinity means to you in order to develop in this area. Hypnotherapy will enable you to discover the qualities that you wish to attain and an easy way of accomplishing your goal.

Delayed Ejaculation

f you are experiencing this problem for the first time and have been fine with previous partners, then you could be suffering from situational delayed premature ejaculation. Either way the condition is more likely to be psychological than physical.

Fear of Being Naked

If you feel uncomfortable getting undressed in front of your partner it could be the result of a strict upbringing or an embarrassing event from the past. Usually the original cause will have been repressed, so you do not consciously know why you feels shy or cautious.


There can be numerous reasons why women lose (or never find) their sexual desire. It could be due to negative influences in the past or a bad sexual experience or even lack of confidence. The truth is that most women approach sex differently to men because they are generally more emotional. The good news is that frigidity can be overcome with the help of hypnosis.

Erectile Dysfunction

According to research, there are many reasons a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction. Most concur that stress is a major factor. A fear of failure to satisfy his partner can result in an inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Hypnotherapy can help you to visualise overcoming your erectile dysfunction to improve your relationship and enjoy more intimate moments with your partner.

Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is an issue that is often surrounded by taboo and inhibition. Many people are concerned about the ways in which masturbation can affect their mental and physical health. Excessive masturbation, as in any other activity, can have negative consequences. For some people, masturbation can become a way of coping with these negative issues. However, it is often a means of avoiding addressing other challenging issues in their life.
Hypnotherapy can help if you are concerned that your masturbation habit is taking up too much of your life, and could potentially be preventing you from dealing with other issues more productively.

Painful Intercourse

Vaginal pain during love-making (dyspareunia) can be caused by infection, post-operation, illness or fear causing contracted muscles and should always be medically investigated before treating with hypnosis.
However if you have been told that there is nothing physically wrong with you and the pain is mostly in your mind, then you can be helped by learning to relax those muscles. 

Premature Ejactulation

Premature ejaculation can be a sensitive topic of conversation amongst men. Many people feel embarrassed or even ashamed to discuss with partners and close friends. Instead, sufferers prefer to live with the current thinking that 2 to 3 minutes of lovemaking is normal practice.  The problem would appear to be when you are unable to reach this accepted norm for any reason.
The good news is that with hypnosis, premature ejaculation is a condition that can be controlled because the underlying cause is  the over-stimulation of the imagination.

Saying No to Sex

Perhaps there is a strong, underlying desire to be accepted, wanted or needed - a desire to please - or maybe you feel pressurized into making love when you don't really want to - ultimately it boils down to your own sense of self-respect. It could be that you just seem to find it difficult to say No.
Hypnotherapy can help you by enabling you to view your situation from a different perspective - one where it is you that is in control - one that gives you the power to Say No to sex (unless this is what you really want too).

Sexual Fullfilment

Sexual fulfilment is learning about one's self and one's body, as well as feeling comfortable with the naturalness of your body's arousal emotions and responses. This cycle helps develop the mental attitude so necessary for a totally pleasurable sexual life.
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