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Accessing Confident Memories

If you are working with issues related to self-esteem, self-belief, confidence building, ego-strengthening, etc, it can be useful to find ways of getting you back in touch with your inner resources by accessing those earlier, more confident memories.
During hypnosis, it is as though a door to the subconscious mind opens and memories of the past can be easily accessed. Hypnotherapy works as a filter, inviting the confident memories to step forward so that you are reminded of your natural abilities, strengths and other qualities that were thought lost or forgotten.

Be More Outgoing

If you find it difficult to mingle with others this could be due to shyness, low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. Hypnotherapy can help you to recognize that you are as good as anyone else, shows you ways to overcome your internal barriers and communicate more effectively with others.

Best Man's Speech

Anyone that has been asked to be an honor attendant at a friend's wedding knows that the request comes with the responsibility of speaking at the post-wedding party. Along with all of the other responsibilities, you owe it to the groom to create an eloquent and entertaining speech.
While many people may have no problem putting pen to paper, writing out their feelings and some humorous anecdotes about the happy couple, delivering the speech in front of the wedding guests may be a completely different story. Hypnosis will enable you to find the confidence and charisma needed to give a fantastic best man's speech.

Blushing in Groups

Most people who have a problem with blushing have had it brought to their attention enough times for them to become conscious of it when it happens yet again, and yet it seems there's nothing they can do about it. In a way, blushing is similar to a panic attack - it just seems to take over and there's nothing you can do. You could say that blushing is an automated response - a bit like learning to drive and stopping at the red light - except this response seems to be out of your control.
Fortunately, hypnotherapy can help as it communicates directly with the subconscious mind which is the part which governs the automated responses.

Confidence at Work

Do you find it difficult to speak up yourself at work? Perhaps colleagues make you feel invisible by not including you in their conversations? Unless you are normally a very outgoing person then you could find it hard to suddenly change. But - small, gradual changes in the way that you interact with other members of staff will be easier to manage and for others to accept.
Hypnotherapy can help you to develop effective communication skills and instill the confidence and self-belief required for you to project your thoughts in a way that will automatically command the respect and admiration of others.

Confidence for New Dads

For many new fathers the prospect of coping with a small baby for the first time can seem like a daunting process. You want to be able to do things right, support your partner and bond with your baby but where do you start?
Whilst Mums to be often have access to education classes during their pregnancy, Dad might be working to support his new family and suddenly he is presented with a fragile infant and wonders what he should do.

Conversation Confidence

For some people, making small talk with people they don't know is easy and they have a knack of making the conversation seem to naturally flow. Others might feel incredibly shy and just can't think of what to say - or if they know what they want to say, don't have the nerve to actually say it.
Shyness usually boils down to a lack of self-confidence and can be like an inner block that you just can't get past. You probably find it easy to chat with people you know well because your self-consciousness doesn't get in the way. Hypnotherapy for conversation confidence can help you to converse with complete strangers (if you want to) in a strong, self-assured manner. 

Coping with Rejection

If you find it difficult to cope with rejection, it is possible you may have an accumulation of painful memories from your childhood where they felt unwanted or unloved. If we are honest, few of us truly enjoy the feeling associated with being rejected. However, some of us are more sensitive than others, and earlier experiences can continue to affect people into adulthood.

Court Case Confidence

Hypnosis can help  those who are facing a court case and, having prepared their defence, need to be calm and collected on the day. Facing a count case is a stressful experience for most people and hypnotherapy can prepare you for this.

Dating Confidence

While some people dream of wealth, big homes and fabulous lifestyles, others dream of something different, more simple - like their first love or if re-entering the dating scene rediscovering love all over again. So much cultural focus revolves around love, sex and sexuality. Television shows, advertising, movies, magazines, the internet, sex seems to be everywhere we turn. But some are limited from living this by conditioned reaction or past traumas.
Hypnotherapy for self-confidence specifically for dating is designed to help you reclaim and build up lost or diminished self-esteem for dating.

Develop Optimism

Hypnotherapy can help your subconscious mind to choose optimism over worrying and negativity for the proven benefits of a better mood, improved emotional, physical health and well-being.
If positive thinking can bring about positive results, then negative thoughts are likely to bring about negative outcomes, which makes a strong case for developing optimism.

Ego Strengthening

Boosting your ego does not involve you becoming egocentric or self-absorbed. In fact, quite the opposite. Once you have developed your inner confidence, you will be able to put yourself in a better position to care for, and contribute towards, whoever and whatever is important in your life. Hypnotherapy will enable you to tune into your inner wisdom and to trust in yourself again.

Love Your Voice

Most of us are surprised when we first hear the sound of our voice as it seems completely different on a recording to how it sounds to us when in conversation with someone else.  It's not unusual to dislike or even hate the sound of our own voice.
If any of this sounds familiar to you then don't despair, as there are techniques that can help you to visualise regaining those wonderful tones, repair your confidence and appreciate once more the sound of one's own beautiful voice. Hypnotherapy can help anyone who dislikes their own voice, whether you are a therapist, professional singer, orator or simply self-conscious about the way that you speak. 

Making Decisions

Some decisions are very challenging, and require a lot of thought, emotion, and research (such as whether or not to leave a marriage, change job, or move house). Others may be more trivial but with a staggering number of choices which causes us to dither endlessly (which product to buy in the supermarket, what to wear for a night out, etc).
Difficulty making decisions (indecisiveness) can also be a source of stress and uncertainty that can lead to feelings of insecurity and confusion. It is the fear of making a bad decision that makes it difficult for us to settle for one decision.
You have already made the decision to help yourself by considering hypnotherapy as a suitable approach, so you can make an important decision too -  contact me to arrange a session on making decisions.

Public Speaking

With the help of hypnosis, you can stand up there and captivate your audience with their knowledge, confidence, ease of speech and approachable manner - in short - you will do your very best - and your best will be good enough because, with the help of hypnosis you can learn how to overcome that old fear of public speaking and project yourself in a positive, confident manner - impressing colleagues and all those watching your presentation.
Powerful public speaking is not just about having the ability to speak up in front of an audience - the art to it is being able to engage listeners so that they are eager to hear what the speaker has to say and learn from it.

Stop Stuttering

Hypnosis is the ideal method to promote relaxation and improve speech. Hypnotherapy to stop stuttering can help you to become much calmer, and words will just begin to fall out of your mouth, streaming out, in perfect time with your thoughts.

Video Call Confidence

Whether you host group meetings or one-to-one sessions, hypnosis can help you to feel more comfortable about hosting your sessions online.

Voice Projection

If you suffer from shyness and find it difficult to speak up or express ideas when talking to others then there could be many reasons for your inability to project the voice. The most common one would be lack of self-confidence which is an issue that you will probably already have picked up on and addressed.
Hypnotherapy can help you with your lack of confidence whilst also teaching you how to successfully project your voice so that you can make yourself heard without shouting.

Confidence Services

Confidence building is an issue that we deal with almost daily. Most people, if they are truly honest, have some aspect of their life that they don't feel comfortable with, however for some these issues seem magnified out of all proportion.
Confidence is a great asset to possess; it can help us to further our career by making people believe in what we have to say. It helps us when we're in the spotlight, such as giving a speech at work or in college. Most importantly, it helps us inside, alleviating the worry we have of our own self-image.
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