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Addiction Services

Addictive Personality

Symptom substitution affects many addicts - they might find themselves quitting cigarettes only to become addicted to chewing gum or giving up coffee and becoming addicted to cola. The variations are different but the pattern is the same.

Most people with addictive personalities find that they do things in excess - for them it is all or nothing. Research indicates they are also likely to have difficulties in delaying gratification - hence the constant need to fuel their addiction with their 'quick fix'.

If this sounds anything like you then hypnotherapy can help you to re-evaluate your life on a subconscious level. It is one thing wanting to quit habits - and quite another if your inner mind is in conflict with that desire. Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to conflict resolution and can help you to overcome the addictive trait once and for all.

Adrenaline Addiction

If you are always on the go, seeking excitement and thrills, rushing about because you've left everything to the last minute, you could be addicted to the high that performing under a strict deadline can provide.
Eustress is the term given to the beneficial side of stress and this can be highly motivating, however, when you go into overdrive this can, over time, have less desirable effects.
The high peaks are often followed by low ones which can lead to depressive conditions or extreme stress. However, hypnosis can help control these impulses.
Hypnotherapy helps you to overcome alcohol addiction by removing that desire to be in an alcohol-induced state. You will want to stay sober, and actually enjoy the feeling of being fully aware and active and in control.

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Caffeine Addicition

Is the first thing you drink in a morning a nice cup of coffee? Do you often buy cans of energy drinks whilst on the go? After a stressful meeting, do you order yourself a strong espresso coffee? 
You may still choose to indulge in an energy drink or a coffee every now and then, but you may have also reached the conclusion that cutting back or curbing your caffeine intake is just a smart choice. 

Cannabis Addiction

Overcome a cannabis addiction and beat the habit for a healthier lifestyle. With hypnotherapy, you can create a very safe hypnotic trance that will be far more exciting and rewarding than any of the effects of taking cannabis. 

Chocolate Addiction

Millions of adults and children alike are addicted to chocolate. The vast majority of chocolate consumers know that its high sugar content leads to putting on fat and that it is also linked to migraines, acne, dental cavities, heartburn, and coronary problems. Frequent consumption of chocolate leads to addiction and, once this has set in it can take more than mere willpower to stop.
Perhaps you only resort to chocolate binges when you are depressed, or maybe you are one of those people who secretly know that they are a chocolate addict and frequently go on chocolate binges. Whichever you are, you can melt away those cravings with hypnotherapy.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most powerfully addictive of the drugs of abuse - and it is a drug that can tear apart lives and even kill. 
If you have an addiction to cocaine and are ready to give it up then hypnotherapy can help by making it easier. Most drug addictions have a psychological factor to them (after all, they have to be in the right frame of mind to quit).
Hypnotherapy helps by giving suggestions to the subconscious mind (the driving force of our behaviours) to reinforce the desire and the determination to quit.

Coming Off Anti-depressants

Withdrawal from anti-depressants should be reasonably gradual as your body will be used to the chemicals that it has been ingesting.
People who are on high doses of medication often function in a zombie like manner. If you have decided that it is time to live and enjoy life then you deserve the best help available.
With your their doctor's approval and co-operation before coming of prescribed medication - hypnotherapy can help you make that transition to taking responsibility for your own health and assist weaning yourself off medication.

Compulsive Spending / Shopping Addiction

Do you over-indulge in 'Retail Therapy'? Is over-spending leaving you broke and upsetting your relationship with your nearest and dearest? If you find yourself shopping just for the sake of it then you could be wasting more money than you can afford.
Compulsive spending is a common disorder which can easily be helped with hypnotherapy - by re-educating your creative, subconscious mind.

Drug-Free Sleeping

Sleep that is regularly drug-induced has been linked to memory loss, dementia and a host of other health conditions, but how can you cope if you stay awake all night, every night?
Everyone needs sleep and this is something that comes naturally to most of us. However, reliance on narcotics can be a difficult habit to break without professional help.
Hypnotherapy is going to help you to relearn something you thought you had forgotten, and that is, sleeping without the use of narcotics. - If you are taking any medication prescribed by your doctor, you should check that it’s safe to withdraw before attempting this program.

E-cigarette / Vaping Addiction

With an increase in the amount of people quitting smoking, many are turning to electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) which can be equally addictive.
Vaping, as it is known, can be harder to quit than actual cigarettes as there is less incentive to do so. Many people think e-cigarettes are harmless but it is still too early for tests to reveal the long-term effects from vaping.
People who stop smoking with the help of these devices often swap one addiction for another and there can be less incentive to quit vaping due to lack of knowledge and publicity of the effects which ironically, can make the addiction just as, or perhaps even more harmful than smoking.
We are already seeing clients wanting to quit their addiction to vaping and the usual approach for stopping smoking does not apply to this addiction, which is why we will require a different approach to help you.

Freedom From Drugs

Is your life governed by drug dependency? Are you ready to quit and give yourself a healthier future?
Whether you are over-using over the counter medication or illegal drugs, hypnotherapy can help to regain a natural sense of self-respect and enable to be more in control of themselves.
It is far too easy for drugs to cause an addiction as they can alter the chemical balance in the brain. It is not always so easy to overcome this issue on one's own. However, hypnotherapy contains powerful suggestions to give you the motivation you need in order to free yourself from drug addiction once and for all.

Gambling Addiction / Online Gambling

You can be a winner or a loser. Losers are the ones who are addicted to gambling in any form. It's well known that the only ones making real money out of gamblers are the sharks who swallow their hard earned cash. The winners are those that overcome the addiction to gambling and hypnotherapy can make you a winner.
Hypnotherapy helps you to overcome a gambling addiction by removing the desire to be involved in gambling situations. You will want to avoid gambling environments, and actually enjoy spending your money on more worthwhile activities. As you stop gambling you will gain a new pride in your sense of self-control.

Online Gambling

In many ways, online-gambling can be worse than ordinary gambling as it can be done in the privacy of one's home. Gamblers often keep their activities a secret from their families and eventually become something of a recluse, causing breakdowns in relationships, debt and misery and other problems that can be hard to break free of.
The good news is that if you have taken ownership of your addiction and admitted you need help, the chance of you becoming free from your addiction can be very promising and hypnosis is the ideal tool to help you.

Games Console Obsession

Are you wasting away your precious life because of an obsession with playing video games?
Playing video games can be extremely addictive for some people and once they start, just like any other addiction such as smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. it can be very difficult to stop.
If you  have decided to seek help to overcome your obsession, then hypnosis is the ideal method as it deals directly with the subconscious mind, which is the place where those habits are rooted.

Mobile Phone Obsession

Use hypnotherapy to overcome a mobile phone addiction.

Pornography Addiction

With the advent of the internet, the reach of pornography has insidiously increased as it has become more readily accessible and normalised. If you are addicted to pornography, it is possible that you could be suffering from feelings of guilt and shame.
With hypnotherapy, an addiction to porn can be treated in a similar way to other compulsions or addictions. The subconscious mind is a very powerful tool and is ready to help you to accept different, healthier and more beneficial ways of thinking and feeling. In turn, you can make positive changes to your behaviour, and reduce your dependence on pornography.

Salt Addiction

If you are addicted to salt and can't bear the taste of salt-less food then hypnosis can help you to feel differently. Very soon you can begin enjoying the natural taste of food and you will have no desire to spoil it by adding salt.

Sexual Addiction

If you engage in frequent acts of sex with many different partners, or frequent masturbation and feel unable to prevent your urges from taking over then you could have an addiction.
Sexual addiction may occur as a result of something that you feel is missing from your life and hypnotherapy will help you to explore and understand the reason behind your behaviour, as well as offering an approach to help you to deal with it.

Social Network Addiction

Social networking has a place in today's technological world, however when using these platforms becomes a constant activity then you may have a problem - and that is - an addiction to social networking.
As with so many other addictions hypnotherapy can be a useful method of helping you as it directs the part of the mind where habits are lodged.

Stop Shoplifting

Many people who confess to shoplifting don't seem to know exactly why they do it. Often they have plenty of available cash to pay for the goods (which are usually unimportant to them anyway) but the act of stealing can give them a short term buzz or adrenaline rush.
You will no doubt want to avoid any potential future humiliation and hypnotherapy will help you put an end to this reckless behaviour once and for all.

Soft-Drink Addiction

You are probably already aware of the dangers of the ingredients in your preferred beverage - maybe you know that it contains artificial sweeteners that can be associated with headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, mood swings, nausea, memory loss, muscle weakness, blurred vision, fatigue, weakness, skin rashes and probably other symptoms that have yet to be discovered.
Some of these sweeteners have already been shown to cause cancer when tested on animals - and then of course there is the acidifier that your drink includes - which, under controlled scientific studies has shown to contribute to erosion of tooth enamel and leach calcium from bones.
If you are concerned about your intake of soda and soft drinks then hypnotherapy can help you to overcome this addiction.

Sugar Addiction

If you regularly have cravings for sugar then you are making yourselves vulnerable to tooth decay, skin problems, obesity and many other health problems.
The good news is that, as you are already seeking help for your addiction to sugar, you are already aware that sugar addiction is becoming a problem for you, and you are considering gaining control of your addiction.
Hypnotherapy will help you to develop a natural distaste for sugar and all sweet foods and drinks.

TV Addiction

Are you missing out on the realities of life because of an addiction to television?
If you are ready to overcome an addiction to watching television then hypnotherapy can help to break that habit and create far more interesting alternatives.
Hypnotherapy has proved successful in helping people who want to stop smoking. This is because the strongest part of the addiction is psychological.

The easiest and most powerful approach to stopping smoking is to harness the powers of your own subconscious mind through hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy uses a combination of negative and positive suggestions to enable you to accept that you are a non-smoker. Your mindset will no longer be one of giving into the temptation to smoke; instead you will enjoy the benefits of feeling healthier, cleaner, more focused and energetic and more socially accepted - (as well as having more money to spend on more important things in life).

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