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Body Image Services

Accepting Baldness

If you are a man and losing hair prematurely then it could be affecting your confidence, as many men believe they look older than their years when they are bald.

Hypnotherapy works on creating and reinforcing the concept of a positive image in order to help you to come to terms with your baldness and project yourself as a confident individual.

Better Posture

Are you fed up with comments about your slumped shoulders or bad posture? Or are you simply conscious that you could carry yourself better and command more authority?
It is true that we never get a second chance to make a good first impression - and first impressions really do count. Using hypnosis for better posture will not only make you look more alive, youthful and confident - you will also feel much better.

Body Acceptance

Body shaming is becoming a frequent form of abuse which can cause great emotional distress for those on the receiving end. Nobody likes to be criticised, and if you are overly-sensitive to something like this, it can cause a life-long negative self-image. This is why it is crucial you learn to deal with the emotions associated with body shaming.
Hypnotherapy will help you to discover your own sense of self-worth, and can empower you with the skills required to be able to disregard your abusers, focusing instead on things that really do matter to you.

Body Dysmorphia Relaxation

Do you have a distorted image or your body or certain facial features?
You may be convinced that you look different to how you really are and yet when others try to reassure you, you find it hard to believe what they're saying. This often starts during adolescence when appearance sensitivity is at its height. 
Hypnotherapy can help to change our thought processes at a subconscious level. Once you truly believe that you look fine - as others tell you that you do - you can concentrate on enjoying life.

Living With Disfigurement

If you are disfigured in a noticeable way it might be make you feel self-conscious, even when in company with people you don't know too well.
It can be difficult for people suffering from acute differences to accept that most people aren't concerned by their appearance and those who do probably aren't worth getting to know anyway.
Hypnotherapy helps to build up confidence as well as finding a way for you to just be yourself.

Post Mastectomy Body Acceptance

A woman's body is a sacred work of art. Every part of the body is beautiful. Losing one of those body parts can be traumatic. Finding acceptance for your body after a medical procedure or mastectomy can be quite challenging. You are not only experiencing physical changes but emotional changes as well. You can open up all the positive ways to move forward in love and acceptance with hypnotherapy.
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