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Private Online Hypnotherapy

Online clinical hypnotherapy with privacy in our mind for your peace of mind

Private Online Hypnotherapy aims to deliver exceptional therapeutic hypnosis worldwide, while also implementing exceptional standards of digital privacy and security. Ensuring a reliably secure communication between the client and therapist from the  initiation of contact to the closure of therapy.

As we have become more familiar with online video calling for work and education, hypnotherapy has also transitioned more online. Research has shown that online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

If you think hypnotherapy might be for you, or if you’re still undecided and would like some more details, I'd be delighted to book you in for a free consultation to answer any other questions you might have.


Private Online Hypnotherapy
By William McCrea

As a  clinical hypnotherapist I have helped people from around the world shed the heavy burden of seemingly perpetual struggles such as addictions and anxiety. Everyone has root trauma that underlies their problematic thought and behaviour issues.  My clinical practice emphasises the key importance of uncovering these hidden complications of each individual so that the hypnosis can be more targeted and therefore effective. Training in general medicine has given me the biomedical insight that distinguishes me from your normal psych-therapist. 

If you are ready to turn your page to a new chapter, take the first step and arrange our first meeting
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