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Alcohol Cessation

Alcohol Association

Although we may consciously think about having a drink, the habit lies in our associations with such an activity. For example, if we're used to drinking at a certain time each evening then we might not think about drinking all day but as soon as that particular time draws near, so do the thoughts of alcohol.
These are the unconscious associations that hypnotherapy works with. Once you have strategies to deal with those thoughts you will find quitting drinking becomes attainable and much easier than you ever imagined it would.

Alcohol Moderation

You may decide that rather than quiting the booze altogether, you just want to be able to control your drinking by having the odd one in social or private situations. Drinking in moderation can be a challenge, especially for those who feel that once they start, they have to continue drinking. 

However, with a positive plan in mind before your drinking sessions begin and with the help of your subconscious mind, you can find it easy to go to the pub or a party and cut down on your drinking.
Hypnotherapy for can help you to do just that. 

Binge Drinking

Hypnotherapy can be used to get to the root of the problem of binge drinking and to overcome it: using relaxation and hypnotic suggestions, you'll regain that ability to say no to alcohol without any feelings of being deprived. In fact, you will be so pleased with your ability to resist alcohol that your confidence will increase greatly.

Boredom Drinking

People of all ages can consume too much alcohol and many report that they are drinking to alleviate the boredom they feel in an evening.
Hypnotherapy can help those who would like to quit or reduce their alcohol consumption by offering new alternatives.

Fun Without Alcohol

Peer pressure plays a large part in habit maintenance and even though you have quit drinking, many people find it difficult to admit such to their friends in case they are labelled a spoil-sport or ridiculed for not drinking.

You can have fun when socializing with your drinking buddies; not only can you have fun but you will suffer less from headaches and avoid making a fool of yourself on the night. Hypnotherapy can help you to enjoy being alcohol-free with friends.
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